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DESICON was founded by us in 2020 and stands for disinfection-consulting. We started with DESICON because we believe, that the disinfectant sector requires a new form of advice. With DESICON it is all about hygiene, compliance and disinfectants.

Our mission is to continually develop our services to meet and exceed expectations, while at the same time contributing to the success of our clients through the provision of timely and consistently high quality professional support.

We enable our customers to comply with national and international regulations and standards for disinfectants and to be in line with the respective local legal requirements.


After years / decades of employment in the hygiene industry and science, we are now happy to face the challenges of self-employment.

From our many years of experience in dealing with customers, we know that a website can never replace a personal conversation, because it is like a sophisticated mosaic or an improvised piece of music:


Only when all those involved work in harmony and give their best will the masterpiece succeed and result in a successfull story and in a win-win situation.

We are looking forward to meeting you!



Dr. Angela Polleichtner, PhD, DVM
General Management / Scientific Management

Resume / CV:

currently under construction....more information coming soon



"Everything in the world depends on a clever idea and a firm decision." Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe

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