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360° consultancy for your disinfectant portfolio

 – Hygiene & Compliance from A to Z –



It doesn't matter if you

are new to the hygiene industry,

are planning to expand your portfolio for disinfectants and cleaning agents,

need support with the authorisation/ notification of a biocidal product,

are looking for support in product positioning and / or developing marketing strategies,

plan an optimization of your technical production processes,

are looking for innovative sustainable solutions,

or want to analyze the competition and the market,

DESICON UG & Co.KG is on your side and supports you holistically.


                  From the idea to a successful disinfectant!


                     Our competencies includes:


We are also happy to offer you our professional support at trade fairs or congresses, as well as with the organisation  and conducting training courses.

If you urgently need proof of effectiveness for your disinfectants, we will organize laboratory places / laboratory slots for you at short notice in one of our cooperation laboratories!!!

Product authoriation

Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) (EG) No. 528/2012

Advice on current requirements for the approval of biocidal products according to BPR.


We support you in creating the relevant technical and scientific documentation for your products in accordance with the requirements of the BPR as well as in creating and submitting authorisation dossiers under the cope of the BPR.


We also advise you on active substances and their approval status according to BPR.


Development of approval strategies with regard to your cost management, product positioning    and marketability is our daily bread.


Article 45 of the CLP Regulation: we will be happy to shake hands with you, because we know how quickly someone can get in struggled in the jungle of bureaucracy and frequently changings of legal requirements .


Advices and  support with the authorisations of hygiene products outside the scope of the BPR are available here.


Scientific product consulting / regulatory science is     one of our hobbyhorses!


Formulation development & optimization

Who does not know this...?


The german, european and international market for disinfectants is extremely lucrative but in addition very complex in terms of regulations and customer expectations.

Constant changes are shaping the market of biocidal products and thus also the requirements for companies as well as product design and recipes.


The time and money required to meet all requirements in parallel is enormous, especially for medium-sized and small companies during the development of new products .


We offer you a technically and regulatory excellent service that will help you to achieve your goals.

Product positioning strategy
USP evaluation

Product positioning is a key element in making a company more successful and growing

Our goal is to develop a good product positioning strategy for you and to evaluate the USPs of your products using careful market analysis and our market know-how. Das the product itself  must be optimally positionedso that its benefits are clearly defined and easily recognizable for customers.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the hygiene industry and our extensive network, we can design your product appearance in a targeted manner,so that it attracts customers, inspires them and, above all, sticks in their memory.

Operational services

If you can answer at least one of these questions with "Yes", then DESICON is the right partner for you.

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Contract manufacturing- filling- production- sourcing- storage- CLP


Do you have a liquid product formulation but cannot produce it yourself?

Are your production capacities exhausted?

Are you looking for a contract manufacturer who is not in competition with you?

Would you like to become independent and are you planning your own bottling / production?

Do you need support in the approval process according to BImSchG?

Are your dangerous goods storage options exhausted and you need an alternative storage concept?

Does your fire protection document need to be adapted or updated?

Do you have a powder formulation and want to have this product manufactured / packaged by someone else?

Not sure whether your labels comply with legal requirements?

Do you think CLP is a book with seven seals?


Experience how we support you and use our knowledge and experience profitably for you!


We bring together what and who belongs together.

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