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Product positioning strategies & Unique Selling Point evaluation

The markets in the hygiene industry are more competitive than ever.

More and more providers are targeting the same groups of customers.

The products appear more and more interchangeable.

A product differentiation based on a pure description of the product performance is limited in many areas.


Therefore  a product profile and a positioning strategy based of a conciseness, customer-orientation and sustainability

is a crucial aspect for survival of a company.



extensive know-how  about


market requirements

customer expectations

approval/authorisation restrictions

product performance

authorisation /approval requirements in the respective market / country

long-term granting of marketability

obligations of the manufacturer / distributor under the relevant legal regulations effectiveness of ingredients and mixtures

environmental sustainability

protective measures

risk assessment


is necessary  and goes hand in hand with successful product positioning!

Not everything you plan, want or need for the sales of your products,

is allowed under the complex legal regulations of biocidal products and

not everything that is allowed has to be done!

DESICON will work with you to develop a sustainable positioning strategy,

regardless of whether you are a large corporation, medium-sized company or SME.

With us, you will achieve a clearly differentiating product positioning that has hand and foot!

Use the potential of your products with DESICON .

"Confidentiality is the safest method for the quickest dissemination of company-internal news".

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