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Biocidal products outside europe / EEA

The worldwide  increasing requirements for the auhtorisation of disinfectants  must be implemented in a systematic approval strategy with an optimal use of resources.


Companies are often faced with some challenges even before their products are launched in countries outside Europe. A lack of expert knowledge in regard to specific local legal requirements and the registration processes itselve (e.g. time frame, expected costs, type of authorisation) are often hurdles that can delay the product launch on the market.



We have the answers to your questions!


What are the legal requirements /restriction in the country in which I am planning to place the products on the market?


Which data and documents have to be submitted for a product authorsation?


Is a "notification" by using a safety data sheet, label and product information sufficient or does a comprehensive product dossier with numerous product-specific scientific and technical data have to be generated and submitted?


In which language do I have to submit the documents of authorisation to the authorities?

Does the documents have to be notarized?


What type of authorisation does applied for  my product so that I can market it with the intended uses? 


Products that are defined as disinfectants / biocidal products in europe may be regulated under different regualtions ( i.e. pharmaceutical, medicinal, drug ...) in other countries or they may also be freely sold.


In most cases the authorisation of  biocidal products  outsite europe requires a valid scientifically  and regulatory strategy, professional management and a complete documentation in each step of the authorisation process.


With DESICON step by step ..... up to your product authorisation.

We accompany you competently, company- and goal-oriented through the entire process.

- from the development of your strategy  up to your product authorisation -


We are happy to share with you:


A wide range of know-how.


Years of experience with product authorisations worldwide.


Time-saving project management.


Safe handling of technical and economic issues.


An individual action plan in close coordination with the authorities and you as our customer.


A high level of commitment.


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