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Hygiene & Compliance

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- Disinfection Consulting -

DESICON offers you holistic and   competent management advice on all aspects of hygiene and disinfectants. 

DESICON accompanies you with professional expertise, heart and mind

 from the development of your products to product approval. 

From many years of experience in the chemical industry and in the hygiene sector, we know that it takes much more than a product to successfully position a company and its products on the market.

Our common goal is to get you on the rocky road between

legal requirements,

sales and revenue targets,

Customer and market requirements

to support in any way and to accompanyto work with you to create successful, reliable and effective disinfectants to develop, permit, procure and in the desired marketsto position.

it's all about biocides

Service & Solutions

Every company has to prepare for the future today. The wave of massive upheaval is enormous. In order to react correctly and take advantage of opportunities, you need advice,  that you can rely on in all matters.

No matter whether you are a start-up, a medium-sized company or a large corporation!

We support you energetically and competently with folowing themes the:

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Our cooperation partners

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